Liability insurance

Protecting Your Business with Liability Insurance As a business owner, it’s important to make sure that your company is protected against potential liabilities. Liability insurance can provide you and your business with the financial protection needed in case of an unforeseen event or lawsuit. In this blog post, we’ll discussContinue Reading

Commercial property insurance

Commercial property insurance is an essential form of coverage for businesses. It provides protection against losses resulting from physical damage to the premises, as well as loss or theft of business equipment and inventory. Additionally, it can cover other expenses such as lost income caused by a disruption in operationsContinue Reading

Commercial motor insurance

Commercial motor insurance is an essential form of coverage for businesses that use vehicles in their operations. It provides protection against financial losses due to vehicle accidents, theft, vandalism and other forms of damage or loss. This type of policy covers the cost of repairs as well as any legalContinue Reading

Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit insurance provides the key to successful trade. To deliver the very best solutions to the market, the trade credit insurance industry champions innovation whilst maintaining the highest standards of performance that only many decades of supporting businesses around the globe can bring. Trade credit insurance is more thanContinue Reading

Insurance for self-employed workers

Being self-employed has many advantages, including flexibility in hours and the chance to work with a diverse spectrum of people. However, self-employed workers also have to contend with financial risk. Many insurance policies protect self-employed employees from unforeseeable events, such as injuries or illness, and make their financial security safer.Continue Reading

Small business insurance

If you own a small-scale business, or are considering starting one – business insurance is a great way to provide assurance for your efforts. There are several kinds of policies available and we’ve put together the following list of the many kinds of business insurance we believe will be theContinue Reading