How To Find Ex-pat Jobs In Amsterdam 2023

How To Find Ex-pat Jobs In Amsterdam 2023..  Amsterdam is undoubtedly one of the top cities to begin looking for work within the Netherlands. There are plenty of English-speaking jobs in Amsterdam, the Dutch capital.

How To Find Ex-pat Jobs In Amsterdam 2023

It’s been much easier to get Ex-pat jobs in English in Amsterdam in the last few years, as English has become more of a corporate spoken in Amsterdam. This means that knowing Dutch is optional for getting a job in the Netherlands.

However, having the Dutch language in your arsenal can make it easier to travel between cities and increase your chances of landing employment. In addition, the Dutch capital city is the home of many multinational companies. A lot of these are searching for highly-qualified and multilingual employees.

Engineers, IT professionals, people who work in finance, and those with experience in marketing, sales, and customer service are some professions that can provide ex-pat opportunities in Amsterdam. Various other booming and growing jobs are in places, such as food, agriculture and food processing, creative industries (sustainable), energy, and life sciences.

Work Permits for Ex-pat Jobs in Amsterdam

Proper documents are among the first things you need to do when looking for ex-pat job opportunities in Amsterdam. Dutch residence visas and work permits are closely linked, and in certain circumstances, you need to find jobs within Amsterdam before you even apply. There are, however, limitations based on your nationality. They are these:

  • Citizens within the European Economic Area (EEA – European Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway) and Switzerland can work in Amsterdam.
  • Non-EU nationals must apply for a Dutch residency or work permit before starting their work experience within the Netherlands.
  • Highly skilled migrants from the Netherlands typically do not require a Dutch work permit, but they may be required to apply for a Dutch visa for entry or to reside in the Netherlands.
  • If you’re planning to relocate with your family members, you should determine which rules apply to the family members. Certain family members who move to join a family member in the Netherlands are not required to have a Dutch working permit if relatives of theirs can work without restriction within the Netherlands.
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Recruitment Agencies in the Netherlands

You could look for an opportunity yourself, but getting assistance is always beneficial. So, it’s an excellent idea to contact an agency that recruits when you’re seeking ex-pat job opportunities in Amsterdam. In the Netherlands, there are recruitment agencies that are commonplace. They are primarily public employment companies where you will find various positions. Sure, some of them are focused on specific job areas or occupations. Finding an employment agency that meets your needs, is in line with your requirements, and is a part of your industry is essential.

Dutch firms often utilize recruitment agencies to advertise jobs. When you join an agency, you’ll have access to a massive database of ex-pat jobs in Amsterdam. Begin your search for a job by filling in your search criteria and resume.

A list of Dutch agencies for recruitment


Undutchables is an expat-oriented, international recruitment company based throughout the Netherlands. They specialize in international jobs and assist highly qualified non-Dutch-speaking professionals in advancing their careers.

Abroad Experience

Abroad experience is an international recruiting agency based in the Netherlands. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Abroad Experience’s expat-friendly services offer diverse career opportunities that are unique to those who speak multiple languages. If you’re seeking your career change, make it happen with Abroad Experience.


Careerjet offers an online job board. Their search engine is easy to use and helps find job seekers with various jobs in their vast database. If you’re looking for a position in software or sales, Careerjet will help to find the perfect job.


EURES is the official portal for job seekers of the European Commission. The simple-to-use platform lets applicants build an online CV and a skills passport that will allow anyone worldwide access to the top jobs.

Hays Recruiting

Hays Recruiting is a leading recruiter that puts skilled candidates in temporary, permanent or contract positions. With over 2 million users worldwide and also offers assessment, development, outsourcing recruitment, and many others.

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Monsterboard is an online, international job search website. They provide a range of job seekers with various services such as job boards and career guidance. Job seekers can also upload their CVs online to potential employers. Find the perfect job by using Monster board.

Expat Jobs.

Expat Jobs is an online job site for international workers. They offer millions of opportunities for employment across more than a hundred nations and languages across the globe. Expat Jobs specializes in jobs in the Netherlands for English people and multilingual jobs.

Tips for Internationals Working in the Netherlands

Finding employment is the initial step to consider if you plan to relocate to the Netherlands. It is necessary to complete the application procedure before agreeing to work. This includes an interview where you must convince the hiring authorities of your credentials and why they should choose you for the job. Here are some suggestions for foreigners living in the Netherlands.

Get how to speak the Dutch Language.

Your language will benefit you when you get a job in a Dutch firm. If Dutch people realize that you aren’t speaking their language, they’re very aware. However, be mindful that even in multinational companies, a group composed of Dutch people will naturally converse in Dutch with each other. Participating in a Dutch program is the best option for those looking to be a part of and help shape the discussion. The work environment in the Netherlands will be more inclusive; however, it will take time and effort.

Things you’ll need

Possessing some documents to work and live within the Netherlands is necessary. You should always be able to prove your identity, including when working. You will also get your BSN number when you sign up as a Dutch citizen (Social security code). You will require this number if you want to be employed in the Netherlands. Employers will deposit your salary directly into the bank account of your choice. So, having an active bank account is vital. It is also possible to request an advance payment from your country of origin to your bank account. Be aware that receiving your money is more difficult in this scenario.


Be sure your CV is updated.

Check that your CV is updated with the most current information to improve your chances of getting an interview. Be sure to update your LinkedIn online CV whenever you need to.

Take the time to read your employment contract carefully.

You’ve been appointed! What’s next? Legals. It is also necessary to accept your contract of employment at this time. These are contracts that apply to both your employer and you. There are two instances of the number of vacation days and hours you’ll be working each week. Before signing the contract, be sure to go through the documents thoroughly. The terms and conditions in the employment contract should conform to Dutch legal standards.

Dress correctly

Be sure to look professional. Choose a style that is pleasing to the eye and matches the corporate style of the business you’re applying to.


Haste can cause stress, and stress can cause tension. Try to leave your home at the right time. If you’re taking public transport, Plan your route and, if necessary, get on an earlier train. If you do this, you’ll ensure that you arrive at your job interview on time. In addition, be sure to have the contact number for your contact. So you can notify them immediately if you’re tardy.

Know your qualities

You’ll be asked about your credentials and the skills you have to offer in an interview. It’s a given. However, you must know your strengths and see how to connect them with the job.


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